Emergency Sessions at the Village

May 2021

At the Village, Tamar can sleep




Jordan River Village helping Asher with PTSD







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“It is true that the cost of hosting these sessions was above and beyond what the Village had budgeted for this year, but how could we not be part of the effort to help so many vulnerable families during this unrest. We took the lead and partnered with organizations around the country to bring families to the Village for the respite they so desperately needed.”

~ Noya Baram, Director of Development

In only 24-hours and with the support of Israel’s Welfare Department, the Village mobilized its staff to reach out to families in Southern Israel who were most vulnerable because they have a child with a serious medical condition. These families were told that the Village’s accessible campus had a place for them to come with their child, free of charge, where they could find some respite and healing fun. The response was overwhelming as so many families were interested. Jordan River Village hosted 47 families with their 108 children who each have a child living with a serious illness. For each family, they were able to experience respite and some healing fun, all at no cost.





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