Inspire Imagination: Underwrite 1 Arts & Crafts Workshop at 1 session $200
Foster Friendship: Enable 1 camper to experience 1 day at the Village $300
Stimulate Creativity:Fund a Music or Culinary Workshop at 1 session $500
Support Adventure:Support Adventure Park experiences for all campers in 1 session $1,000
Provide Lifelong: Memories: Give a week of camp to 1 child $1,500
Offer Laughter: Fund medical clowns all summer $2,000
Transform a Family: Grant 1 family of 5 a weekend of fun & respite $3,000
Explore Compassion: Enable 1,800 campers to play with animals in the petting zoo $8,000
Provide Nourishment: Fund all meals and food for 1 session $10,000
Encourage Talent: Sustain 1 year of theater & drama workshops $15,000
Teach Fun: Underwrite 1 multi-day school session for two schools $46,000
Create Heroes: Support the “Outward-bound” Hero’s Journey Program $50,000


These gifts can be paid in multiple installments and are publicly acknowledged on campus

Administrative Center: Situation Room                                                                                  $18,000
Lookout Point $36,000
Medical Center Treatment Room (3 available) $50,000
Cabin Patio (6 available) $75,000
Horse Corral $100,000
Stage $250,000
Cabin (1 available) $250,000


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