Village Activities

Village Activities

ON-CAMPUS ACTIVITIES: Every session is tailored to fit to the participating campers’ physical, emotional and cognitive abilities.

Independent Sessions: If a camper can manage their condition independently they are able to attend any 5-day on-campus camp session. These sessions can host up to 64-campers at a time. Campers are then able to take part in a variety of camp program like our Adventure tower, photography, and art workshops, riding horses, sports activities, evening programs, communal meals, and so much more.

Family Sessions: These disease-specific weekend sessions are designed for children who are not independent in their everyday tasks or require 24-hour medical support and their families. During the weekend, the Village provides programs for siblings, parents, and joint family activities.

School Sessions: In coordination with Israel’s Ministry of Education, special needs students are welcomed to the Village for a free, multi-day field trip with their class and teachers. These sessions are created to help students explore new things, develop friendships, take safe risks, and support each other. These goals have an incredible short and long-term educational and therapeutic impact, reflected at school and home.

Activity Days: As a result of the Covid-19 Pandemic, the Village started offering 1-Day camps for a day of traditional camp activities, access to the Adventure Tower, horses, and sometimes the pool.


JRV on Wheels: This is a program that seeks to bringing the spirit of the Village directly to campers in their, educational institutions, and hospitals through our unique framework staffed by our volunteers, while creating a safe platform for peer groups to connect. Through out hospital outreach program, the Village has placed 2 volunteers in the pediatric units in Haifa’s Rambam Hospital, and 2 volunteers in Schneider Hospital to provide the magic of healing power of camp to sick children and their parents.

Hero’s Journey: This multi-day camping trip enables 16-17 years old young adults who have already attended a session at the Village and wish to have an even more challenging experience. Specifically, participants assume a sense of responsibility for their lives and become “heroes’ of their story.”

By creating unforgettable, exciting camp experiences, we help these children experience the joy of childhood while still receiving close medical care and treatment, all for free.

Adventure Park – the only one of its kind in Israel

Horseback riding

Swimming in a heated, indoor pool

Sports activities in a state-of-the-art Sports Hall

Arts & Crafts Workshops

Cooking Workshops

Photography Workshops

Music & Drama Workshops


Kite Building

Petting Zoo

Campfires, Parties and more…

Activities vary at each session, to ensure that each camper can have fun, succeed, work together, and discover new things.  Our campers are too busy having fun to focus on their illnesses, but all of these activities are provided with the full support of our medical center.

Medi Club

The Village includes a state-of-the art Medical Center (”MediClub”) staffed 24/7 by specialized pediatric doctors and nurses. The MediClub team is able to administer medicine, address ongoing medical needs, and if necessary, provide emergency care.

Throughout their stay at the Village, our dedicated volunteer doctors and nurses provide campers with ongoing medical care – either at the medical center, at meals, in the bunk, or at activities – all performed in the most discrete way possible.


The Jordan River Village is a fully-accessible 60 acre campus with 12 climate controlled cabins with safe rooms; an unobtrusive yet centrally located medical center; an arts & crafts center, a multi-purpose Dining Hall with a teaching kitchen, the only fully-accessible climbing wall and zip-line in Israel; the only indoor hydrotherapy pool in Northern Israel; a Snoezelen Multi-Sensory Room; a sports center, and a professional stage in the large versatile theater.  Additionally, the Village includes outdoor camping facilities, horse corral, petting zoo, and an archery area.

Click here to view a larger version of the campus map.

The Magic of Camp is Always Free

Jordan River Village is able to provide our programs at no cost to families throughout  Israel because of the:

  • Financial support from philanthropists, foundations, and corporations in Israel and  around the world as well as the Israeli government
  • Income from renting our state-of-the-art campus when there are no on-campus activities for children
  • Hundreds of volunteers each year — counselors, doctors, nurses, translators, and more — who provide campers with personalized experiences taking into account their special needs, language, and backgrounds
  • Partnerships with hospitals and other medical organizations
  • Friends around the world who support our work, visit, and tell their communities

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