Hannah Hurowitz’s Bat Mitzvah Fundraising Page

Welcome to my Fundraising Page!

For my bat mitzvah project, I decided to help raise money for the Jordan River Village camp in Northern Israel.  Jordan River Village is a camp where kids with life-threatening illnesses can go to camp just like I do here at Emma Kaufman Camp, and have the chance to just be kids for a week.

Camp is my favorite place on earth, and when I go to camp, it’s the most relaxing and fun time in my entire year.  It’s great to have a break from schoolwork and get to spend time with my friends.


For the kids who go to Jordan River Village, their lives are filled with doctor’s appointments and hospital stays. At the Village, they get to be normal kids and do all the activities we get to do at EKC, like zip-lining, swimming, games, and hanging out with their friends.

Every kid should get the opportunity to go to camp.  In honor of my bat mitzvah, will you join me in supporting the dream of a child to attend Jordan River Village?

My goal is to raise $1800 to bring one camper to the Village for a week-long session. 

You can make a donation by clicking here.

Thank you so much for your support!

I have raised $2,480.91  toward my goal

Donor Name Amount Note
Mommy, Daddy, Lucy & Gus $200 We are so proud of you Hannah! Love, Mommy, Daddy, Lucy and Gus
Jenny Jones $18 Mazel Tov Hannah!
Ian Mirmelstein $100 With so much love!!!
Marla Tobe Werner $100 This is an awesome project Hannah! So proud of you!
Haley Levine $18 Mazel Tov Hannah! Love being at camp with you! Can’t wait until next year!
Teddi and David Horvitz $36 Mazel Tov Hannah!
Cory Logan $100 So proud of you Hannah! Love, Josh, Cory, Ryan & Emmett
Reenie Kuhlman $100 Hannah, Logan and Molly couldn’t agree more about how much camp impacts their lives. You are doing a wonderful thing with this project, and the Kuhlmans are happy to contribute and help other kids experience the same joy.
Nicole Tereza $25.75
Sharon Werner $36 Mazel tov, Hannah! What a lovely project idea.
Matthew Grover $55.62
Leah Ackner $54
Badonna Hurowitz $309
Joseph Enten $18 From your very proud neighbors (and boss)
Leah Kamon $18.54
Baba & Poppop $100 what a wonderful project
Steve, Karen, Jen, Daniellle & Joe Weber $100 Great project, Hannah! We are happy to support you!
Pollner Family $50 Mazel Tov Hannah! What a wonderful way to share your love of camp and celebrate your Bat Mitzvah! We can’t wait to celebrate with you! The Pollner Family
Rachael & Alex Speck $36 We are so proud of you! It has been so much fun sharing your bat mitzvah experience with you and watching you love camp as much as we do. Mazel tov!
Elizabeth Murphy $54
The McDonald Family $50
Susie & Harry Kauffman $50
Cliff, Maria, Emily, Lauren and Julia Weber $100 Wonderful project, Hannah!
Nikole Sheaffer $54 So proud of you, Hannah!
Doshi Family $54 This is such a great project! Mazel Tov!
Josh Firstenberg $100 Congratulations on reaching your goal. What a great project. Mazel Tov
Epstein Family $100 Great project, Hannah! Can’t wait to celebrate with you soon! Mazel tov! Love, Andy, Lauren, Layla and Sam
Ken Orenstein and Barbara Feibelman $100 Wonderful project, Mazel Tov! Love, Uncle Kenny and Aunt Barbara
Gary Family $36 What a wonderful project!
Mariah & Elaina Parente $18 We are so happy to support this project, Hannah! We love you!
Mara Siler-Price $100 We are so proud of you and are excited to help give someone the opportunity to go to camp!
Amy Srodes $36
Peter Hurowitz $50
Christine Lorenz $50
Emily, Rob, Addison, Reagan & London $18 Mazal Tov, Hannah!!!
Tim Fife $36 Mazel tov on such an incredible project, Hannah! We’re so proud of you <3


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