Bears for Israel Instructions

Please read these directions all the way through before you jump in to the pattern and the cutting. This is considered to be a challenging pattern that takes an experienced sewer a few hours to complete.

For a print friendly version with the patterns click Bears for Israel Instructions


  • 5/8 yards of cotton fabric
  • Please use cotton fabrics of matching colors that a child would like.
  • Please DO NOT use fur fabric or fuzzy fabric.
  • A little bit of new fiberfill (for the ears; the bear should be sent unstuffed)

* If you are a 1sttime bear maker we recommend using one fabric to ensure your success. If you are a seasoned bear maker or want a challenge try two fabrics.


For a one-fabric arrangement   For a two-fabric arrangement 
The pattern pieces below distinguish Please follow the piece numbers below
how many pieces of each pattern shape ♦ Fabric 1 (main fabric) = #
you will need ♦ Fabric 2 (accent fabric) = $


Head Body Arms
E (side back head): cut 2 # F (front body): cut 2 # H (top arm): cut 2 #
C (side front head): cut 2 # G (back body): cut 2 # I (bottom arm): cut 2 $
D (center back head): cut 1 $
B (center front head): cut 1 $
Ears Feet Legs
A (ear): cut 4 $ k (bottom foot): cut  2$ J (leg): cut 2#


  • Cut outside of pattern
  • Always match seams before dots
  • ¼” seam allowances throughout
  • Please study the bear photograph (below) to see how everything comes together.
  • Finished bear = approximately 17 inches long
  • Please do not add a face to you bear – no noses, no eyes, no buttons, etc.


Step 1: Body Fronts 

Join body fronts, matching notches

Step 2: Body Backs

Join body backs. Reinforce stitch approximately

1/8 between dots on each back piece. Join the

remainder of the back seam. The opening in the back

is to allow for stuffing later.

Step 3: Front of Head

Join front side head pieces to front center head piece,

matching notches. Match the dots to form the nose

(please refer to the bear photo to see a finished nose

Step 4: Back of Head

Join back side head pieces to back center head piece

matching notches

Step 5: Ears

For one ear, place two pieces with right sides together.

Stitch and turn right side out. Bring notches

together to form a pleat and baste. Repeat for second


Step 6: Attach Ears to Head

Stuff a little fiberfill in each ear. Then match the

notch on the pleated ear to the seam lines that join

the front center head to the front side head. Baste the

ear to the front of the head with right sides together.

Repeat with the other ear. Then, with the ears tucked

inside, sew the back of the head to the front of the

head, matching notches. Turn and press.

Step 7: Arms

With right side of top arm piece and bottom arm

piece together, sew together, matching the notches.

Turn and press. Repeat for second arm.


Step 8: Body

Attach front body to back body at short side seam,

matching notches. Turn and press.

Step 9: Attach Arms to Body

Set arms in body, matching dots to side seams

and matching notches. Be sure arms bend


Step 10: Legs

Fold the leg piece so that right sides are together.

Sew the seams. Reinforce the seams at the X

mark.Clip the seams at the X. Turn right side out

and press. Repeat for second leg.

Step 11: Feet

Set in the bottom foot piece in the leg, matching

the notches. Repeat for second leg and bottom

foot piece.

Step 12: Finishing

Turn all body parts inside out so right sides are facing each other. Attach head to body, matching

chin seam to front seam. Attach legs to the body.



You may have used many pins during your assembly and sewing. Please take your time to thoroughly check you bear and remove all pins.


Please mail or deliver your completed, unstuffed bear to:

American Friends of Jordan River Village Foundation

244 Madison Ave., Suite 482

New York, NY 10016

Please include a note with your name and address, so we can send you a thank you letter! Just throw in a note, and we will find it. There is no need to pin it to a bear – we do not want any pins in there after you took the time to remove all of your sewing pins!

After we receive your bear, we will collect them and get them to Jordan River Village in Israel (either by mail or through personal delivery). Once at the Village, volunteers will stuff and close the bear. Bears will then be distributed to campers.


Please call (888) 999-3054 or email

On behalf of our campers, thank you for your time, skills, and energy in making your Bear for Israel! We need many different types of help from many different people to keep camp going. You are now a part of the Jordan River Village family.

For a print friendly version with the patterns click Bears for Israel Instructions

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