Although Noam struggles every day her, smile is contagious! She embodies the idea that fun and friendship can be the best medicine.

Background: Noam was diagnosed with Cystinosis when she was only 10 months old. Since then, she has spent significant time in the hospital. There are only four other kids in Israel with this disease, and when Noam first attended camp in 2012, she met them all.

At the Village: Noam attended camp as a camper for many summers. From her first moment on campus, she felt amazing—you can’t be sad when everyone around you is singing and dancing. Recently, she returned to camp as a counselor. She was excited to be able to give her life-changing experiences to other kids like her.

Noam says: “Jordan River Village is the place that made me feel confident in myself, the place that helped me understand that I am actually not different—I’m special! It was an amazing realization that I wanted to help others find. Just seeing the campers’ smile is worth more than a million dollars.”

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